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David Barduca RA, NCARB LEED AP,

  • Licensed Architect,State of Michigan
  • NCARB Certificate Holder
  • Masters of Architecture, M. Arch w/ Honors
  • Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Architecture
  • B.Arch Bachelor of Science Architecture
  • LEED Accredited Professional
  • Construction Documents Technologist, CDT
  • AutoCAD Certified Associate
  • MIOSHA Level 1 Certified- Construction Safety and Health Certificate

Safesustainability Architecture is a term I've coined. The mission is to understand the importance of a synergy between sustainable and safe living design.

When we design, we need to respect the site, create comfortable living, defend and secure the occupants and property from human and environmental disasters. the highest compliment we can receive is having our structures, whether private residences or commercial, be in harmony with their surroundings, culture and tradition .

“Poor environmental design is a habit of weak imagination and a resistance to optimism."

                                             -- David S Barduca, ra, leed ap

Our History

For a profession that has historically been viewed as an honorable and prestigious career, it certainly lives up to the hype with respect to education and testing.  The rigorous background and experience needed to actually become an Architect is difficult and there is no substitute for a licensed Architect.  The process is long and exhausting; many people don’t have the endurance to see it through but the value of a professional architect can not be negated.  Ecofortify Architecture is a creation spwaned from my work in many disciplines of architecture.  While employed, I've been a team member in senior living, retail and healthcare studios for large firms.  I have years experience in custom residential work and its become my main foucus.  My career started as a structural drafter for one of the top respected structural engineering firms in the country which has given me a unique perspective few architects get to experience. Currently as a Project Architect  for a well respected custom residential firm I have been a part of some really interesting projects.  My diverse experience has allowed me to perfect my skills and confidence in my abilities. I have also developed a design style which carries into all of my work on some level which examines the environment for passive and active strategies.  I'm not loyal to a style of Architecture rather the principles of architectures.  I also see architecture as solution for the safety of occupants, data and short period disasters such a natural disasters, and unwanted guest . I love the outdoors and nature, I feel strongly we can design and build better structures that respect the materials, labor and use for which it is intended.  I look at each project as a problem which I can work on to find a solution that best represents the clients needs and budget.  Together a solution will

  • 10+ years of experience as a professional who has overseen or assisted as a team member
  • Experience in commercial/custom residential projects
  • Technical problem solver with the ability to work out architectural solutions through innovative thinking, you have an idea, let me help turn it into reality.
  •  Architectural Services and Consulting.